Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Trend: Florals

This spring I have been seeing lot of florals. This is great if you went all out on floral pieces last year because they are still big this season. The only difference I can tell is they have a little more of  vintage fell. This are some great pieces I found for an amazing price at forever 21.

A floral tank is a great option because it is so versatile. You can wear it with a high waisted skirt, cardigan, or cinch it with a belt. It is great for the spring with a sweater and by itself in the summer.

  A floral dress is great for spring because you can wear it all day and at night just put on a sweater. You can wear it with leggings, a belt, or a long necklace.

This beautiful ring is a statement piece. Just throw on a plain T-shirt and accessorize with this floral piece. Accessorising is great if you don't love a trend but want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Also it is an inexpensive choice.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twillight Bath Bomb

 This bath bomb is one of Lush's new formulas. It bubbles,fizzes,turns,and foams. It has an amazing scent of ovaltine ,a chocolaty scent. The website says it also has the scent of lavender because it contains lavender oil, this is also said to help you relax. I love this bath bomb, it is probably my favorite ones I have tried from the permanent line. It is great it has lavender to relax and a great smell. The first time I smelled it, I don't think I was that thrilled, but I LOVE it now. I would definitely recommend it and it retails for $4.95.

Spring Trend: Neutral Colored Clothes

I've been seeing a lot of neutral colored clothes and bags for spring 2011. Colors like browns and tans. I think these are great because neutral pieces will go with any look. I was reading the blog and got the great idea to show you different pieces that go along with this trend so as I do these trend videos I will be using that great idea

This purse not only goes along with the neutral trend but I also saw a boho hair trend with the tassels this goes great with both this is a forever 21 find for 34.80
These timeless nude pumps are sold at forever 21 for 16.80
This gorgeous peep toe shoes with edgy buckles are at forever21 for just $34.80.These go with the neutral colored trend but also I have been seeing a rocker trend which these go great with.

This is on sale at forever 21 for only $9.44


Karma Soap

I asked the sales associates at LUSH if I could try a sample of the karma soap. They gave me a sample and I am excited to try it out. It is a very interesting scent. The website describes it as a spicy patchouli scent with lemongrass, orange oil, and pine. If I had to describe it I would say it has a musky orange scent. This is one of my dad's favorite soaps and he says the smell lingers for a long time. It is also leaves a very strong scent on your skin even when I walk past my dad I can tell he is wearing karma. I haven't personally tried this out but I am excited to try it even though it isn't the scent I usually go for. This scent is wearable for  both guys and girls but I would it is more on the manly side. I still think it is great for girls but it isn't you sweet girlie scent that rockstar has.I don't think all people would like this scent for example my mom so I would recommend smelling it at the store before purchasing it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Love Birds Soap

So I only picked up one full size soap because I already have way more soap than I need. The only reason I could justify buying another soap was because it was limited edition. The soap that I got was from the Valentines day line. One the website they describe this as a vanilla jasmine scent. I think this also has a citrus note to it.This is one of Lush's cheaper soaps at $23 a pound or $4.95 for 3.5 ounces. The soap in the picture looks really pretty but my piece is a like a light brown white color. I'm not sure the cause of this it might have just been the batch or from being an older soap. I have not yet used this product but I will update you with my thoughts when I have used it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun Makeup for $1

E.l.f Shimmering Facial Whips

These e.l.f shimmering facial whips will only cost
 you $1. I have 3 colors and they all have a beautiful sheen to them.First I have toasted a beautiful bronze color. I don't think I have personally worn this for a look. I have swatched on both my hand and tested it on my face. So far my only complaint is it can be extremely watery. Now I'm not sure if it is the color or batch because my other 2 aren't watery.  Moving on to golden peach. This is the same deal as toasted I don't think I have personally worn it but have swatched it and tested it. This is a gorgeous iridescent gold. I think this would be a great color for the spring. The last color is the one I have used the most. It is called Lilac Petal. This color was tricky to describe it is a very pretty light pink with gold shimmer. This is the one I find myself grabbing for when I do my makeup to highlight my cheekbones. This one I find is very easy to wear with just about any look. The only complaints I have is the toasted one is liquidy and they are a little hard to blend on your face. On the other hand I think they are very fun and for a dollar I would check them out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy Day to Night Eye Look

So this look can be easily worn during the day. But it is also great for nighttime. Just darken up the crease and liner and you have an even smoker look. Another great thing about this look is you can wear just about any lip color with it. So here are the products I used to get this easy day to night look.

Base: Groundwork Paint Pot by M.A.C
Lid Color: Celestine by bareMinerals
Crease Color: Skyline by bareMinerals
Liner on the Upper Lash Line: Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight Blue by Smashbox
Liner on the Waterline: 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in zero by Urban Decay
Mascara: the Falsies Volume Express in Blackest Black by Maybelline

There is a kit by Bare Escentuals called the Tutorials - Lesson 1 Smokey Eye kit it comes with the 2 shadows I used in this look as well as a great brush for smokey eyes.