Monday, December 27, 2010

The Boog

This little guy is great. It was designed after a Swiss tradition. What they do is fill it's head with fireworks and put it on a bonfire,then they see how long it takes for it's head to explode. The longer it takes for the head to explode the better the upcoming summer will be. I thought that was preety interesting. :)
As for the scent it has an herbal powder fragrence. It has myrrh in it and in ancient days it was often more expensive than gold. The myrrh gives it the strong scent. The armoise oil gives it the natural herbal scent you smell. The boog has a very strong long lasting scent, my sister used it at about 6 at night and the next morning she still had the same herbal scent she had when she first used it. In the bath it fizzes, twirls ,and bubbles. This bath bomb has peices of bubble bar in it which make it last a little longer then other bath bombs. After the bath bomb fizzes away you are left with little coloured circles. I do like this because it is very preety in the bath and is cute. I like the scent but it can be a little to strong. I hope this review helped and let me know what else you would like me to review. :)

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