Sunday, March 27, 2011


Love Birds Soap

So I only picked up one full size soap because I already have way more soap than I need. The only reason I could justify buying another soap was because it was limited edition. The soap that I got was from the Valentines day line. One the website they describe this as a vanilla jasmine scent. I think this also has a citrus note to it.This is one of Lush's cheaper soaps at $23 a pound or $4.95 for 3.5 ounces. The soap in the picture looks really pretty but my piece is a like a light brown white color. I'm not sure the cause of this it might have just been the batch or from being an older soap. I have not yet used this product but I will update you with my thoughts when I have used it.


  1. Soo jealous of your lush collection!! I never get the chance to go! But when I do I will be trying this one or one of the ones you have reviewed:)

  2. You should definitly try Lush you will fall in love with it I am going to be filming a lush favorites