Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Karma Soap

I asked the sales associates at LUSH if I could try a sample of the karma soap. They gave me a sample and I am excited to try it out. It is a very interesting scent. The website describes it as a spicy patchouli scent with lemongrass, orange oil, and pine. If I had to describe it I would say it has a musky orange scent. This is one of my dad's favorite soaps and he says the smell lingers for a long time. It is also leaves a very strong scent on your skin even when I walk past my dad I can tell he is wearing karma. I haven't personally tried this out but I am excited to try it even though it isn't the scent I usually go for. This scent is wearable for  both guys and girls but I would it is more on the manly side. I still think it is great for girls but it isn't you sweet girlie scent that rockstar has.I don't think all people would like this scent for example my mom so I would recommend smelling it at the store before purchasing it.

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