Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Trend: Neutral Colored Clothes

I've been seeing a lot of neutral colored clothes and bags for spring 2011. Colors like browns and tans. I think these are great because neutral pieces will go with any look. I was reading the blog and got the great idea to show you different pieces that go along with this trend so as I do these trend videos I will be using that great idea

This purse not only goes along with the neutral trend but I also saw a boho hair trend with the tassels this goes great with both this is a forever 21 find for 34.80
These timeless nude pumps are sold at forever 21 for 16.80
This gorgeous peep toe shoes with edgy buckles are at forever21 for just $34.80.These go with the neutral colored trend but also I have been seeing a rocker trend which these go great with.

This is on sale at forever 21 for only $9.44

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